When: 21 September 2019, 8.00am - 1.30pm
Where: Mike Pero Motorsport Park (Ruapuna)

Leading Learners is a dynamic driving course for Selwyn teenagers and their parents or caregivers, coordinated by the Council.

Leading Learners is a half-day event, offering a practical, hands-on learning experience and providing young drivers and their caregivers the opportunity to undertake supervised driving practice. This provides the caregiver the opportunity to also assess themselves, in order to be a better coach and mentor to their teen.

Leading Learners is held at Mike Pero Motorsport Park (Ruapuna) and is taught by a team of qualified driving instructors. It offers sessions that cover:

  • driver distraction
  • emergency braking and skid avoidance
  • driving on different road surfaces, and
  • an on-road driving lesson.

One of the sessions includes a drive in a driving simulator. The learner must have a current New Zealand learner licence that they have held for at least three months, and have had around 40 hours of practical driving practice. We also encourage those holding restricted licences to attend.

This is an amazing opportunity to increase your learner driver’s skills and knowledge and is offered for only $20. This course is heavily subsidised by the NZ Transport Agency and Selwyn District Council.

Course Dates:

21 September 8am–1.30pm Register now

22 September 8am–1.30pm Register now

Please note the learner must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver for the full session. The parent or caregiver must provide a car to be used by the learner for the event. The car must be one that the learner has driven before and has a current registration and warrant of fitness and be roadworthy at the time of the event.

When registering, please ensure to register under the name of the learner, but to include the name and contact details of the parent or caregiver in the field provided. Places are limited.

To find out more, contact Council Road Safety Coordinator, Peter Daly, on 347 1850.

Please note, this is not an official Defensive Driving course and has no link to the drivers licence system