When: 24 May 2019, 10.30am - 11.30am
Where: Selwyn Libraries

freeChristchurch Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Music Trails:
Fridays, 10.30–11.30am

3 May: Darfield Library
10 May: Lincoln Library
17 May: Rolleston Library
24 May: Leeston Library

CSO ensembles will perform in Selwyn Libraries, introducing the instruments of the orchestra through fun and interactive performances for all ages.

Four weekends, four libraries, four gigs!

Visit a Selwyn library between 11.30am–1pm for live music every Saturday in May.

4 May: Moonflower
11 May: Hanna and Connor
18 May: Alex and Patrick
25 May: Picking at the Remnants

4 May: Picking at the Remnants
11 May: Moonflower
18 May: Hanna and Connor
25 May: Alex and Patrick

4 May: Alex and Patrick
11 May: Picking at the Remnants
18 May: Moonflower
25 May: Hanna and Connor

4 May: Hanna and Connor
11 May: Alex and Patrick
18 May: Picking at the Remnants
25 May: Moonflower

Presented by Selwyn Libraries and Ministry of the Mind.