When: 11 July 2019, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Where: Lincoln Event Centre

Calling all budding entrepreneurs with toys, books and sports gear! Have you got stuff you just don't use that much anymore?

SELL: Register to purchase a stall site to sell toys, books, sports gear and unused stuff. Sell at bargain rates, then use your proceeds to get your own bargain and something new to enjoy!

BUY: Find a hidden treasure, come along and grab a bargain (free entry).

Stalls must be registered online as we often book out. All stalls to be set up by 9.30am (stadium opens at 8.30am). No food or drink to be sold. Bring your own stall (table, chair, money container, stuff to sell) and make sure you have a float of change for when people hand over that cash.

There will be a small café set up at the Lincoln Event Centre where light snacks can be purchased and coffee or tea available onsite also.

Caregivers MUST be present with children.

$5 per stall (per child), free for caregivers.
Book a stall now.

Event enquiries: phone 347 2791 or email events@selwyn.govt.nz