When: 20 July 2022, 10.30am - 20 July 2022, 11.15am
Where: Tawera Memorial Hall, Springfield


Louise Kerr is The Paper Girl! After 30 years of delivering newspapers, being chased by dogs, and breaking the odd window, times are changing and the Paper Girl’s Job is in jeopardy, so she’s decided to give this performing thing a go!

A hilarious silent clown show, featuring: juggled papers, hammers and the odd egg. A naughty teddy bear, amazing magic and a crazy finale on a bicycle that keeps falling apart. The show is a Victorian style silent clown show to music from the 1940’s.

So pack your picnic, cushion, and grandma, and check out this wonderful show.

I mean how hard could this performing thing really be?

$3 per child, caregiver free. Bookings required.

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