Guidance and terms of reference for submitting an Event to be included in Council Call

The Council Call events calendar promotes local and Council events which are community orientated. To be included in this section, events will need to:

  • be non- commercial. Fundraising events or events with a charge may be advertised if there is a benefit to the community but the primary purpose of the event may not be to raise funds for a commercial business or activity
  • be happening in Selwyn District and be of interest to people in Selwyn
  • not be a party or candidate based political event or religious event
  • not be an event or activity that could cause offence or inconvenience to residents or adversely affect the Council’s reputation

We list events that are coming up in the next 2 weeks from the time of first publication in Council Call on Tuesday. We will not list events that are more than two weeks away at the time of publication, unless people are required to register for the event well in advance of it happening or it is a call for exhibitors or similar, in which case it can be listed as a notice.

A dedicated space is available for event listings but we cannot guarantee that we will have space to publish every event that is submitted. Where space is constrained priority will be given to:

  • events which have not been listed before over those that have been listed before
  • events with a broad appeal to Selwyn residents over events with a less broad appeal

The deadline for submitting an event listing is 9am on Wednesdays.

Recurring events

It is expected with recurring events that they will not need publicity every time they occur as people will become familiar with the fact they are happening. We will support these events by listing them regularly, but not every time they occur.

Submitting an event listing

Event listings should be:

  • Up to 50 words and in a Microsoft word format or in the body of an email (not as a poster)
  • Include what the event is, where it is being held, the day and time and if there is a cost to participate. If registration is required in advance how people do this should be specified in the text
  • If there is a website with more information on the event this should be listed (note we will not publish long website addresses, only homepages and short links)
  • In lower case text with capitalisation where appropriate (please do not capitalise all the text in words or sentences as it then needs to be retyped into lower case text)
  • Proofread - check all times, days, web links, venues, contact details and other details are correct before submitting the notice
  • Emailed to by 9am on Wednesday the week prior to publication. Sending your notice earlier increases the chance your event will be included

Event listings are short so the text will usually be edited for length or to summarise what the event is about. You can also list a community event for free.

We will not publish posters as these often do not reproduce clearly, and require a lot of space which means other content cannot be included. We also do not publish logos.

If you do submit an image we cannot guarantee that it will be used.

Image files should be attached to an email as a separate document, not embedded in word documents.