A Council staff member in a high-viz jacket shows a man and woman something on a tablet as they look round a building site

Change is coming up for those homeowners who are applying for a consent to build on land that is still going through subdivision consent process.

From 6 June onwards, homeowners building on a newly subdivided land will be able to apply for a building consent only after the developer has received Council’s final approval that any of the outstanding conditions of their subdivision resource consent have been complied with. The latter is known as ‘section 224(c) certificate’. “We are changing the process to ensure all the subdivision consent requirements, in particular in regards to mitigating any natural hazards, are met before the building consent is issued”, says Tim Harris, Group Manager Development and Growth.

“Processing a subdivision consent is a complex matter that requires the Council to make a number of significant decisions, in particular in regards to what natural hazards, such as flooding, may affect the land, how the subdivision may impact surrounding land and infrastructure, and how all of this should be mitigated.”

Following on from the cyclone Gabrielle and the general increased frequency of severe weather and flooding events due to climate change, there is heightened concern about building on flood-prone land.
“We are also seeing an increase in the number of subdivisions occurring in areas affected by natural hazards. Our Council has decided to help address this by changing its approach to managing consents. A number of other councils are already doing this, so it’s not new”, says Tim Harris.

“It is also about providing certainty to landowners of any conditions and requirements on building on the land that may be imposed as part of the subdivision process.”

There will be some exceptions on a case-by-case basis, conditional on early engagement between the developers and the Council’s building, planning and infrastructure teams reaching agreement on specific conditions.

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Last modified: 16 May 2023 11:25am