A blonde woman in a yellow high visibility jacket standing at the boot of a car holding a yellow reusable bag with emergency management brandingHave you got what it takes to help your community in an emergency?
Selwyn Emergency Management is looking for passionate Selwyn people to join their Community Response Teams (CRT) in the Brookside/Irwell, Greenpark, Killinchy, Norwood, Weedons, Broadfield, Coalgate, Motukarara, Springston and Windwhistle areas to help their local community during an emergency.

The role of a CRT is to check on the most vulnerable people, gather information about what has happened/is happening during an emergency, and open a drop-in centre if required. Volunteers are a friendly face to the public, treating people with compassion and respect in emergency situations.

Lakeside CRT team leader Raewyn McCloy says the role is very fulfilling and while it is a very responsible role, it can be very rewarding and training exercises can be a lot of fun.

“You can be as involved as you want to be, but it’s all about community. We’re there to check on everyone, make sure they’re okay, pass on any needs to the Emergency Management team at council. As CRT volunteers we have the latest info to relay to our residents. From personal experience of the Canterbury earthquakes communication is key. When we had no communications and had no idea what was happening and where, where to turn for help, in some ways that was the scariest part.

“It’s good to be able to help people and our people are phenomenal. During Covid, it was a privilege to be the contact person for our residents to obtain RAT tests, masks, drop off shopping and more. We love being part of Civil Defence. You really get to know your people and you’re looking after one another.”

If you’re available to attend annual training and complete a Police vetting check, then we want to hear from you. Interested? Email the team

Last modified: 22 May 2023 4:17pm