A man an woman sitting at a table, with an emergency kit laid out, filling out an emergency plan

The impact of the latest adverse events like Cyclone Gabrielle, have reminded us all that emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere, often with little to no warning.

Have you had the talk about getting prepared?

It is important to make plans so you know what to do when an emergency happens. The good news is there are easy steps we can take now to get ready, starting with a simple prep talk with your whānau.

Before Cyclone Gabrielle hit the North Island last month research showed only around one third of New Zealanders had taken steps to get ready for a disaster event.

To get you started and guide you, the Selwyn Emergency Management Team has produced a booklet of tips to help residents prepare. You can download the ‘Are you Ready?’ booklet or pick up a copy at one of our libraries or the Rolleston Council offices.

Council Emergency Management Officer Jason Flewellen says it’s important for people to be able to look after themselves for a number of days after an emergency, or when normal services are disrupted.

"You get to decide now how comfortable you’ll be during an event. It just takes a short time to make sure you have the four top tips sorted — make a plan, store some water and other basics, get to know your neighbours and sign up to Selwyn Gets Ready to receive emergency alerts. Just those four things will go a huge way to helping you get through.

“Interruption to services like power and water can happen at any time for any number of reasons. Disruptions could last just a few hours due to a mechanical breakdown, or a number of weeks following a large event like an Alpine Fault rupture. We’re all responsible for looking after ourselves and our families to ensure we’re prepared.”

Last modified: 28 Mar 2023 11:46am