Latest provisional population estimates, released this week by Stats NZ, have confirmed Selwyn as the third-largest territorial authority in the South Island.

As at 30 June 2018 the district’s population is estimated at 62,200 – an increase of 4.8 percent from the June 2017 figure of 59,300.

Stats NZ confirms that Selwyn has been the second fastest-growing district in New Zealand, with only Queenstown-Lakes district (5.5 percent) growing at a faster rate.

Mayor Sam Broughton says the latest data continues a long-term trend of sustained growth for the district.

“It’s not a surprise that we keep seeing our population growing – even faster than our own projections,” he says.

“The district has a host of advantages that continue to draw and retain people here. We offerSubdivision land at affordable prices, a family-friendly environment, excellent infrastructure, great road and rail links for business – and of course, some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, right on our back doorstep.

“These factors are attracting families from around New Zealand and the world, along with businesses that are establishing or relocating in our townships and business zones.

“We have been seeing an upwards trend for a number of years. The Council has worked hard to develop industrial land at Izone near Rolleston, and we have also been investing in facilities and services to support all of our communities.”

Mayor Broughton says there has also been a significant number of international arrivals in Selwyn, with more than 300 becoming citizens over the last year.

“We are becoming a multi-cultural community, and it is clear from events like CultureFest that our communities are embracing our new arrivals.”

In the year to June 2018 the Council issued 2,458 building consents, only slightly lower than the previous year, and new residential subdivisions are continuing to develop.

Selwyn’s economy is also on a strong growth curve. The district’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the year to June 2018 increased by 5.3% during the year – nearly double the New Zealand average of 2.7 percent, and well ahead of the Canterbury regional figure of 2.5%.

“Growth has been good for us and Selwyn is in a fortunate position, but growth and change are not easy or cheap,” Mayor Broughton says. “As a council we continue to plan and focus on delivering quality infrastructure and services at affordable levels for our community.’

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Last modified: 31 Oct 2018 9:50am