Public Event Application

We recommend that you have a copy of the following documentation at hand before making the application: Site Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Public Liability Insurance, Resource Consent Approval, Fireworks Certificate, Health and Safety Plan and any other supporting documentation. * bold items are required for all applications. All questions are required unless indicated.

You will receive confirmation of the right to hold your event within two weeks of receipt of this application. Please note, depending on the complexity of your event it may take up to six weeks to process. A Bond may be applied to your event booking to cover the cost of damages to property caused by this event.

Name of your event:

Type of booking:

Contact Details


Contact person

Postal address

Physical address

Contact Details:
(Please provide at least one phone number and at least one email)

Business Phone: Home Phone:
Mobile Phone: Fax:

Contact Person on the day:
(If the same detail as above please mark "Same as above". Contact person on the day must be able to effect change on the event if requested at short notice)

Contact Person on the day details:
(Please provide at least a mobile phone number and an email)

Business Phone: Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:   Fax:

Dates, Times, Venues

Set up date and time
Event start date and time
Event finish date and time
Site cleared and vacated by date and time
(booked or planned - include address) Note: You are responsible for booking the venue 

Site Plan *
Please attach an event site plan to this application. You may request a site map or floor plan from Selwyn District Council to assist. (File formats accepted: jpg, pdf, docx, max 5Mb)
Your event site plan needs to be detailed and show the location of all temporary structures, toilets, entry/exit points, fencing, rides/entertainment, vehicle entry/exit, parking, first aid, evacuation/emergency procedures, assembly points in the case of an emergency, event administration, power supplies, food/beverage vendors, etc. Please include the names of any roads showing on the plan as well. This will be handy for you when you set up on the day.

Event Description
(e.g. Event type; why you’re holding the event; types of activities involved; what will be happening at the event.)

Anticipated numbers of Attendees

Target Audience


Estimated number and type of vehicles on event site during the event

Anticipated number of parked vehicles:

Where will people attending the event park their vehicles?

Do you plan to use Parking Marshalls?

Note: If you have any concerns about your parking requirements/potential issues phone Selwyn District Council and ask for the Council's Events Team.

Road closure/changes to the road environment

Is a road closure required?

A Traffic Management plan is required if you plan to make changes to the road environment, and must be submitted at least 42 working days prior to the event. The Transportation Asset Engineer will discuss this with you in detail when you make contact.

Name of the traffic management company you plan to use (if known):

Please attach your event traffic management plan to this application.

Note: If you intend to make any change to the road environment, including road closure or if you are not absolutely sure please phone Selwyn District Council and ask for the Transportation Asset Engineer.

Rubbish and clean up

Do you plan to provide additional rubbish and recycling bins?

If no, please explain how you will manage waste at your event:

There are a limited number of Waste and Recycling Event Bins available for use free of charge from the Selwyn District Council. These are able to be booked via email:

Note: The organiser is responsible for the cleaning up of the venue. For advice for your rubbish and recycling needs please phone Selwyn District Council and ask for the Solid Waste Support Officer.


Are there existing toilet facilities at your event venue, and have you been given permission to use them?

Will you be bringing in extra toilet facilities?
If yes, please indicate number below. If no, please justify e.g. there are enough existing toilet facilities at the venue.

Remember to mark locations on your site plan.

Note: A minimum of three toilets for an event with 500 people is required and there must be accessible facilities.

Smokefree Policy

Selwyn District Council has a Smokefree Public Outdoors Policy. This is specific to parks, playgrounds, sports grounds and at Council supported events.

Are you able to support the Smokefree message at your event (e.g. signage - if provided with, PA announcements)?

Public Liability Insurance

This is generally required if you’re inviting the public to attend your event. Talk to an insurance provider or advisor to discuss your event details.

Please attach a copy of your Public Liability Insurance to this application.

Amount $ Expiry

Resource Consent

Have you applied for Resource Consent?

Note: You may need Resource Consent, depending upon the nature of the activities, vehicle movements and noise levels. Contact the Duty Planner on 03 347 2868 or come in to the Council Headquarters in Rolleston and speak to a Planner at the counter to determine what rules apply to your activity.

Please attach your event resource consent approval to this application.

Regulatory Licences

The organiser is responsible for obtaining all appropriate licences before approval for your event can be given.

This event will include the following activities (tick all that apply):

Does your event require Application for a Permit to Undertake Commercial Activities in a Public Place? If so, you will also need to fill out an Application for Permit.

Special Effects

Will there be any special effects? (e.g. Fireworks, smoke, noise, lighting etc.)

If yes, please give details:

Note: Health and safety certification for fireworks must be submitted with this application if fireworks are to be used.

Fireworks Certification:

Building Consent

This event will include the following structures (tick all that apply):

If yes to any of the above, please give details (remember to mark locations on the site plan):

If building consent is required, the building consent application form (Form 2) and information can be accessed online. Note: Allow at least 20 working days in advance of the event to allow the application to be processed.

Please remember to attach your site plan and include the layout of all activities, stalls, vendors, toilets, entry/exit points, assembly points in the case of emergencies.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Officer

Contact phone number
Email address

Please read and agree to the health and safety requirements below. Selwyn District Council will ensure the venue/location for your event is safe and suitable for the proposed activities and will explain the hazards, risks and the management of these to you prior to operating at this venue/location.

Total Number of Staff/Volunteers working at our event is:

Please attach your event health and safety plan to this application.

If you have any other documentation to support your application, please attach here.

Privacy Act 1993 - The information collected will be used to ensure the effective processing of your application. It may, therefore, be distributed to other Selwyn District Council departments, external agencies and for public notification as required.


I the undersigned confirm that the above information is true and factual. I confirm that I am the authorised person for this matter. I accept there may be a bond requirement associated with this application and booking. I  confirm I have read and understood the conditions and requirements that could apply.

Your name:

Please note - if you receive any form errors you will need to re-attach files before clicking the submit button again.