All Building Application Forms / Checklists / Useful Forms

Including: Project Information Memorandum (PIM) / Building Consent (BC) / Amendment / Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) / Exemption Under Schedule 1 - Part 1 - 2 / Certificate of Acceptance (COA) and other useful forms

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Online application via AlphaOne

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✔ Track your application(s)
✔ No printing of documents

Includes application for:

  • PIM only
  • Building Consent (with or without PIM)
  • Amendment to a Building Consent
  • Code Compliance Certificate
  • Exemption from the need for Building Consent

AlphaOne also enables the upload of documents during consent and inspection phases.

We are still developing online solutions for the following applications, so in the meantime please print and complete a Paper Application:

  • Certificate of Public Use (Form 15)
  • Amendment to Compliance Schedule (Form 11)

Paper Applications

✔ Don't have the technology
✔ Want to drop off or post your application


Use the relevant checklist to ensure you supply the required documentation with your application for PIM and/or Building Consent.


Other Useful Forms

- Solid Fuel Heater BC Application:
Information Required [PDF, 429 KB]
See also Frequently Asked Questions

- Owner-Builder Exemptions:
Statutory declaration form as to owner-builder status Form 2(B)
Notice of an owner-builder
See also Frequently Asked Questions

- Exempt building work:
Request to file record of exempt building work [PDF, 91 KB]

- Marquee Building Consent/Exemption applications:
Marquee occupancy guidance  [PDF, 112 KB]

- Construction Statements:

LBP Record of Building Work -  Must be completed by all LBPs who work on a building site and carry out Restricted Building Work. It is required by the Building Consent Authority as part of the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) documentation.

LBP Certificate of Design - Architectural designers, architects and engineers must fill in this form and hand it in with the Building Consent application for all Restricted Building Work.

Application for Determination (Form 14) - A determination is a binding decision made by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. It provides a way of solving disputes or questions about the rules that apply to buildings, how buildings are used, building accessibility, health and safety.

Most determinations are needed because the person applying for the determination disagrees with the council about decisions the council has made about a building. However, a determination can be applied for by the council itself or a neighbour who is affected by building work.

A determination can be about building work that is planned, partly done or completed.

You may have already asked for an opinion or advice from the Ministry about the same question. A determination is different in that the Ministry takes a detailed look at the matter and makes a legally binding decision.