What’s the professional partnership programme about?

This programme partners with industry professionals to fast track qualifying residential dwelling consents which are considered to have a low risk for Council receiving any claims.

Industry professional can be designers and builders operating on their own, or building companies who apply for building consents with us.

Our aim is to:

  • Speed up the consent process by standardising how information is presented to us
  • Rely on experienced LBPs to comply with the Building Act and building code requirements by acknowledging the maturity of the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) scheme
  • Help the building sector continue to thrive and support population growth in Selwyn by processing consents that meet the application criteria faster than applications not part of this programme.

Benefits for you

  • Time savings – we’ll focus on the higher risk elements of your application
  • Cost savings over a period of time if you continue to meet criteria and expectations

Application criteria

Fast track applications must meet the following criteria;

  • be a new build of R2 complexity (or less), and
  • a single detached dwelling*, and
  • located on fully serviced sites within subdivisions, and
  • fully meet all district plan requirements, with no resource consent approvals needed from the territorial authority, and
  • not need any approvals from the regional authority.

*An accessory building for the same site that also meets the above criteria will need to be a separate application.

How to get involved

The process

Once application is received it will be assessed and a decision made to accept or decline the application. If the application is accepted you will be added to the partnership register and be able to start submitting applications