Why document order is important

Consistent document order makes it faster for our team to locate the information they are looking for to help make their decision to grant.

We expect:

Document submission order

Document upload area

Expected order of file

Record of title

  • If a record of title is issued for the land being built on – supply the record of title in the applicant’s name (dated within 6 months), including consent notices, easements etc.
  • Also include a fully completed sale and purchase agreement if the applicant doesn’t own the land yet (in addition to the current title).
  • Note: no underlying record of title is required where title hasn’t been issued yet for new subdivisions with more than 10 allotments. However, in these instances you must supply a copy of the proposed Land Transfer Plan which shows the location of allotments, their dimensions, and proposed easements under the subdivision.

Restricted building work memorandum

  • All LBP restricted building work memorandums (eg designer and engineer)


  • Site/location plan
  • Foundation/set out plan
  • Plumbing/drainage plan
  • Floor plan
  • Bracing plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Roof/roof framing plan
  • Elevations
  • Cross sections
  • Construction details (external weather tightness detailing, wet area details, etc)
  • Window and door schedule


  • Written specification set out in trade sections

Supporting documents

  • Proposed inspection regime for the project
  • Ground bearing testing/soil report
  • Stormwater percolation testing (where applicable)
  • Any engineering documentation - PS1, calculations, and associated plans (note: it is acceptable to combine these in the plans file)
  • Buildable truss layout
  • Bracing calculations and fixing details
  • CodeMark certifications and BRANZ appraisals relevant to the project
  • Supporting technical product literature - eg wall wrap details, etc (note: ideally provided in logical build sequence from ground up)