Fully serviced site:Means an allotment that is provided with network utility operators (NUO) service connections for telecommunications, power, water, and sewer.
LBP:Means ‘licensed building practitioner’; an individual that has been licensed by the Registrar and follows the Licensed Building Practitioner Rules 2007 set by the Building Practitioners Board.
R2 complexity:

Means detached dwellings (SH) designed to a common standard (eg NZS3604, NZS 4229, etc) that are:

  • less than or equal to two storeys
  • moderate complexity
  • various shapes
  • with recognised proprietary systems (eg hyspan, ganglam, Mitek type products)

Buildings may include minor specific design elements (eg steel garage lintel, flashing detail, access route, etc).

Such buildings pose:

  • a moderate risk of a claim against Council, and
  • a low risk of injury to users in the event of a building failure.
Regional authority:Means Environment Canterbury who are responsible for discharge approvals to air, water, and land.
Territorial Authority:Means Selwyn District Council carrying out its territorial authority functions.

Examples of minor vs major building industry practitioner transgressions

Some work non-compliantMost work non-compliant
First instance of concernThere is a history of recurring conduct
Work easily identifiableWork difficult to identify
Simple rectificationDifficult rectification
Exposed building workCovered up building work
Good reputation of owner/agent/builderPoor reputation of owner/agent/builder
Early in construction processLate in construction process
Site notice not previously issuedSite notice previously issued
Notice to fix not previously issuedNotice to fix previously issued
Lower risk of future liabilityHigher risk of future liability