Youngman Supply Group (YSG) has been appointed by USG Boral/Knauf to be their exclusive New Zealand agent to import USG
Boral/Knauf Sheetrock® and Wetstop™ plasterboard. YSG will provide support for these products, see for more details.

USG Boral/Knauf Sheetrock® and Wetstop™ plasterboard are manufactured in Australia. It can be used as an internal lining in
buildings. Sheetrock® plasterboard has also been tested to be used as part of a wall bracing system in timber framed buildings.
There is a current BRANZ appraisal for USG Boral Bracing Systems; see appraisal number: 899 (2015);

Where Sheetrock ® or Wetstop™ plasterboard is being used as part of building work that requires a building consent, it will need to
be specified in the approved plans and specifications accompanying the building consent.

If you are wishing to use Sheetrock® or Wetstop™ plasterboard and do not yet have a building consent issued for the proposed
building work, then talk to your designer about specifying these products in your application for building consent.

Where a building consent has been issued and you are wishing to substitute the approved internal linings with Sheetrock® or
Wetstop™ plasterboard you will need a minor variation to your building consent approved by the relevant Council.

You will need to ensure you have permission from the building owner. Builders should check the contract they have with the
owner. If a builder substitutes any product, then they may no longer be building what they have legally been contracted to provide


Link to Christchurch City Council application for a minor variation to a building consent

Link to Selwyn District Council application for a minor variation to a building consent
[PDF, 280 KB]
No application form is required for minor
An email to requesting changes to the bracing (together with supporting documents) is sufficient and will then be assessed by a BCO.

Where Sheetrock® Plasterboard will form part of the wall bracing system your application for minor variation will need to include an amended bracing layout plan and bracing calculations.

The USG Boral Plasterboard Bracing Calculator may be used to amend the bracing calculations. This can be downloaded from using the link Brace+. The USG Boral Site Guide to Plasterboard installation can be downloaded using the link Install+.


  • The products covered by this product substitution guidance note are manufactured at the USG Boral/Knauf factory in Brisbane. The factory identification number on the sheets will be either be “497” which is the older USG Boral number or “73” which is the new Knauf number.
  • As there are more complex requirements for intertenancy wall systems, any product substitution to an intertenancy wall system will require a full amendment to a building consent.