A number of checklists are available for your reference which cover the main checks carried out during building consents. You can view these on the Christchurch City Council website.

Please note the following are specific to Selwyn District Council:

  • Pre-construction/site scrape/siting – site scrape inspection for single pour floors and ribraft floor systems to check the ground bearing and that site has been scraped adequately with all vegetation and organic matter removed.
  • Foundation Slab – note that Selwyn District Council generally carry out the following 3 inspections, the exceptions being single pour floors and ribrafts where they will be combined:
    • Foundation
    • Waste pipes
    • Slab
  • Pre-roof – Selwyn District Council use the name Pre-wrap for this inspection
  • Pre-cladding – Selwyn District Council use the name Post-wrap for this inspection
  • Pre-stop – Selwyn District Council do not carry out these inspections unless the building consent includes a firewall
  • Drainage – the following varies for Selwyn District Council from the checklist:
    • Soakholes need to be viewed under construction (not complete as noted on checklist)
    • Inspection of construction of the effluent bed and installation of septic tanks
  • Final – in addition to items to the checklist, Selwyn District Council view the following items:
    • Driveways
    • Roof flashings
    • Decks (if included in consent)
    • Subfloor baseboards including venting & access
    • Safety glass locations

For booking inspections online through the AlphaOne System please refer to the AlphaOne Builders App guide document.