Inspections resumed on 28 April 2020. At Alert Level 2 we are taking inspection bookings for all inspections types, and will endeavouring to deliver inspections to meet demand the best we can. If resources get tight however inspections may need to be prioritised.

When booking your inspection

Please note the following

  • all required documents must be uploaded in AlphaOne [PDF, 189 KB] prior to the inspection – e.g. for a prewrap inspection you must have the as built truss available in AlphaOne before you book your inspection
  • your inspection is not confirmed until the text message is received
  • the 2 day timeframe for inspections will not be guaranteed because we can’t predict what the demand will be initially, however we will be doing what we can to carry inspections out in this timeframe and aiming to complete the inspection at the earliest opportunity we can
  • your building site must be set up in compliance with Covid-19 Alert Level 2 requirements (see links below for more information) - bookings will not be accepted for sites that do not meet this until they are compliant
  • you will be asked the following questions when you book your inspection
    • Is there anyone onsite that is in self isolation due to coming back from overseas or having been sick?
    • Is anyone at your property unwell with flu-like symptoms?
    • Is there anything else you think we should know for access to the property?

If you answer yes to any of the above, your details will be collected, however your inspection may be deferred depending on what the inspection is.

You can help the process for any final inspections by ensuring you have provided all required documents and lodged your code compliance certificate application where possible in the meantime.

The following information is available to help you be ready to operate under Alert Level 2

  • New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols – this living document provides ‘how to’ guidance for New Zealand construction operations and will be kept updated by a working party of health and safety practitioners from across industry and can be adapted on a site by site basis
  • BRANZ guidelines and general information – this covers considerations on how to best return to your site and assess the condition of your building site and your materials.

Helping keep everyone safe – onsite expectations

To help keep you and our staff safe, our inspectors will only go on site if you meet the following conditions

  • maintain 2m social distancing at all times
  • no document handling on site – all required documents must be uploaded to the AlphaOne portal [PDF, 189 KB]
  • site register must be up to date and able to be filled in by the inspector
  • if there is no space for the inspector to sign in on the register they will leave the site and you will need to rebook your inspection when you meet our standard inspection requirement and all the conditions above.

In addition, our inspection staff working in the field will be keeping a daily to record of which sites they have visited, who they have physically worked with and customer contacts. This information will be file for any future contract tracing if needed.

Inspections priorities

1.    External inspections

  • foundations, wastepipes, slabs, prewrap, postwrap, farm buildings etc
  • only 1 trade on site - to remain in vehicle or at kerbside during inspection

2.    Internal inspections

  • only if there is nobody in residence (eg new builds, unoccupied buildings), preline, tanking, finals
  • all owners, project managers and trades must stay outside or in another room while the inspection is carried out inside

3.    Solid fuel heaters

  • we may ask the owner and installer to stay outside or at room door while the inspection is carried out inside OR
  • for occupied buildings an inspection may be carried out via video call with the installer to carry out a visual inspection of hold downs, ceiling plates, distance to combustibles etc of at the direction of the inspector
  • before requesting your inspection please ensure you have provided all required information listed on the virtual solid fuel heater inspection guide [PDF, 126 KB]

4.    Alterations (occupied homes)

  • before we book your inspection we will ask if there is anyone that is sick living in the dwelling, or whether anyone living in the dwelling has recently returned from overseas
  • for the inspection the owner and installer must stay outside or at the room door while inspection carried out inside (to ensure at a minimum 2m separation) or,
  • where vulnerable occupants (eg over 70, immune compromised, suspected Covid 19 case) an inspection may be carried out via video call with the contractor to carry out at the direction of the inspector a visual check

5.    Swimming pool inspections

  • only where
    • a notice to fix follow up is required, although the inspector may consider photo evidence in lieu of a physical inspection
    • a pool inspection is required to meet the 3 year cycle inspection requirement.

6.    Virtual inspections

  • At Alert Level 3 we have been carrying out a number of inspections via virtual means, and we’re keen to keep doing things differently where there are benefits in doing so. So please be aware that some virtual inspections will continue.

For more information we have put together a summary of services we can provide to you at each COVID-19 alert level.