Where you can’t supply the information we need to proceed further with your application

At all phases of the COVID-19 response we will continue to receive any new applications and amendments electronically to existing building consents.

These will be progressed to the extent that they are able. Any incomplete applications will be put on hold until the all the required information has been provided. We recognise that some of the required information may not be able to be supplied during the lockdown period because they are not deemed essential services – eg soil report, site levels, percolation tests etc.

If this situation changes we will review the above and may then start working through applications where missing information can be easily addressed through the RFI process.

What to do if you have a building warrants of fitness

During Alert Level 4 you may not have had all inspections, maintenance and reporting completed as part of your building’s compliance schedule.

This has been recognised by the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), who have put together information on their website that explains what you as a building owner should do if you have missed your building warrant of fitness (BWOF) date due to the restrictions. The information covers reoccupying your building and managing your BWOF responsibilities, including where compliance schedule procedures have been missed.

MBIE also advises affected building owners to read through their building insurance policy and if they believe their cover may be impacted to contact their insurer to discuss.