Part or all of your internal garage can be converted into a bedroom.

Minimum requirements for ventilation and for insulation must be met to prevent condensation. The concrete floor must have a damp proof layer installed to prevent ground moisture coming through, the concrete floor. All work is required to comply with the Building Code .

Will I need a building consent for the alterations?

It may be that simple changes can be made that are exempt from requiring consent as outlined in the guidance document “Building work that does not require a building consent ”. If the proposed building work falls under Schedule 1 , we recommend that information regarding the proposed work is sent to council to be held on the property file. This would be held as ‘information only’ for potential purchasers to view.

You will require a building consent if the work involves altering the external structure of your home (e.g. replacing windows and doors) or any other work that will impact the durability and weathertightness of your dwelling. This type of work is considered restricted building work . Installation of services such as an ensuite also requires consent.

We recommend that you engage a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP)  to design the proposed building work. Any restricted building work must be carried out or supervised by a LBP.

If your dwelling is connected to a septic tank system, before adding any additional bedrooms you will need to check the capacity of your septic tank. Where your home is already at the capacity for the septic tank then as part of your alterations you will need to obtain a building consent and install a new septic tank to cope with the additional capacity.

Can I complete the alterations myself?

You can as a home owner complete the renovations yourself if exempt building work. If there is restricted building work requiring consent you may be able to carry out the work under the Owner-Builder Exemption of the Building Act. You will however need to complete a home owner declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace. For further information refer to What is an owner builder exemption?  Note that all electrical work must be carried out by a registered electrician, and plumbing and drainage is restricted to registered certifying trades people.

Note – For standalone garages other considerations apply (e.g. importance level of the building ).