Requesting our authorisation to connect

1) A building consent is required to connect to the sewer mains. If you are decommissioning an old septic tank and connecting to the sewer mains we require the following with your application:

  • A completed building consent application form
  • A current certificate of title
  • LBP details, including name, company, license number and contact details
  • Site plan showing the layout of the pipework
  • Pipe details, including type of pipe, sizes of pipes and gradients
  • How the old connection is to be capped
  • Materials used will satisfy NZBC B2 for durability requirements
  • Intended disposal of the septic tank, if it is to be removed or backfilled (if applicable)

2) Your application will be processed following payment of the fee.

3) Once your consent is granted and only for new connections that are not part of a subdivision/new development approval process, the owner (or contractor acting on the owner's behalf) must request that the shutdown of our main and the new connection to the sewer main be supervised by our maintenance contractor Sicon by submitting a new connection approval form.

Connection to a pressure sewer main in the IPort area

In the IPort area, new connection to a pressure sewer main must be supervised by our maintenance contractor Sicon Ltd. An approval form must be submitted to request this service.

Please email for more information about our approval process.