Restricted Building Work (RBW) is design and building work that can only be carried out or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) due to it being critical to the integrity of a residential building. In the context of RBW, design work is the preparation of drawings, specifications or other documents for the purposes of Consent. Registered Architects and Chartered Professional Engineers are automatically treated as LBPs licensed in the design class and can therefore also carry out, supervise or design RBW.

Construction and alteration work is only RBW where that work falls within the scope of work of the seven licensing classes as described in Schedule 1 of the Licensed Building Practitioners Rules 2007.

It is the responsibility of the 'design LBPs' including registered architects or chartered professional engineers, to ensure their Memoranda (Certificates of Design Work) covers all work they have designed. It is the responsibility of the owner to include all Memoranda (Certificates of Design Work) that collectively cover all the RBW in the consent application.

Building work that is RBW can only be carried out or supervised by a person licensed in the relevant trade class. For example, a person licensed in the carpentry class may also carry out or supervise: the construction of concrete foundation and/or pile foundations and/or the installation of lightweight profiled metal roofing.

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