All applications are entered into our processing system and allocated a unique identifier (your building consent number) prior to being vetted for completeness in accordance with section 45 of the Building Act. Upon receipt of all required information (including deposit fee) your application passes vetting and the 20 working day time clock is started.

The application is then allocated and circulated to the various disciplines within Council for processing, i.e. planning, engineering, building, water, drainage, etc.

Each discipline will review your application and assess it for compliance. If there are any questions or concerns a letter will be sent to you requesting further information or clarification.

When a request for further information is sent the 20 working day time clock is stopped and processing is suspended until all requested information is provided.

Once all disciplines are satisfied that compliance is achieved, then a final check is made to ensure all work has been assessed correctly. If satisfied, the time clock is restarted. The building consent document is then produced (this document contains any conditions and inspections applicable to the project). Once issued the timeclock is stopped.

You will be notified of any outstanding fees at that point. When these are paid the building consent will be granted.

If we consider that the building consent cannot be granted we are required to refuse to issue consent. This does not alleviate the requirement to pay any outstanding building consent fees.

Unfortunately; having a building consent does not necessarily mean that construction may start. In some cases other permissions (like resource consent) may first need to be obtained. Such conditions will be notified on your building consent.