New Zealand's building legislation recognises that a number of things we do which are considered "building work" are low risk so do not require a building consent (i.e. does not affect the building’s structure or fire safety, and will not pose a risk to the safety of the public).

The Building Act provides for this through:

  • Section 41 – which exempts certain types of work from requiring a building consent (including types of work listed in Schedule 1)
  • Section 42A – which imposes some general conditions and limits on the Schedule 1 exemptions, including who can carry out the work
  • Schedule 1 – which lists a range of possible exemptions and describes when these could apply

MBIE have a guidance document available that provides further clarification on building work that does not require a building consent .

All building work, whether or not it requires a building consent, must still comply with the Building Code (under Section 17 of the Building Act). Therefore you should still consider employing a tradesperson for part or all of your building work.

If your building work is exempt under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, it is well worth your while putting details the work you are doing onto your property file for future reference. Adding this information to your property file provides transparency to prospective purchasers of your property. You can request to add exempt building work to your property file by completing the request to file record of exempt building work form and sending this back to us via or dropping a copy off at our offices.