The applicant will be made aware that the building consent application is being considered under Section 72 and the hazard may be registered against their title. They may also be required to apply for a waiver or modification in respect of the natural hazard concerned as part of the building consent process.

The owner’s confirmation is required to recognise the potential implications the identified hazard may have on their insurance and any future sales. The owner has the opportunity then to withdraw their building consent application. Depending on how far through the process the consent is at time of withdrawal, any costs incurred will be on charged.

If the hazard is registered against the title there will be a fee for notification to LINZ regarding the natural hazard.

How do I know if the land I am building on is subject to natural hazards?

For Sections 71 to 73 of the Building Act, natural hazards means:

  • Erosion (including coastal erosion, bank erosion and sheet erosion)
  • Falling debris (including soil, rock, snow and ice)
  • Subsidence
  • Inundation (including flooding, overland flow, storm surge, tidal effects and ponding)
  • Slippage

If you are unsure whether the land you intend to build on is subject to natural hazards, obtain a PIM which will advise of any natural hazards that the local council is aware of.