In general most buildings have an indefinite life. The intent of the intended specified life is to provide for buildings that will be onsite for short term use – e.g. Portacoms, CEBUS classrooms, site office.

What is an extension of life on a building?

Where a building has been consented with a specified intended life under section 113, the intent of the Act is that such buildings will be altered, removed or demolished on or before the end of the intended specified life.

How do I obtain an extension of the life on my building?

Where a building consent is issued for a building or extension with a specified intended life, the consent is issued subject to the condition that the building be altered, removed, or demolished before the end of its specified life. The life of the building cannot be extended without obtaining an 'extension of life' (section 116) from council.

The owner of the building must give written notice to the council before the end of the intended specified life if they propose extending the life of the building.

Council will give the owner written confirmation that the requirements of the Building Act have been complied with or advise what needs to be done to ensure compliance can be achieved.