We are taking inspection bookings for all inspections types, and will endeavour to deliver inspections to meet demand the best we can.

Before booking your inspection

  • Your building site must be set up in compliance with Covid-19 Alert Level 2 requirements - bookings will not be accepted or inspections not carried out on sites that do not meet this until they are compliant
  • All required documents must be uploaded in AlphaOne before the inspection – eg for a prewrap inspection the as built truss document must be available in AlphaOne before you book
  • Read our information on how to prepare for and book your inspections
  • You can help the process for any final inspections by ensuring you have provided all required documents and lodged your code compliance certificate application.

Helping keep everyone safe – onsite expectations

To help keep you and our staff safe, our inspectors will only go on site if you meet the following conditions

  • have your QR code handy (visible and easily accessible) for the inspector to scan as they get onsite
    • you are legally required to display an NZ Covid tracer QR code for each location – this applies at all alert levels
    • if you don’t already have one you can get one from the Ministry of Health website
    • if no QR code is in place, no inspection will be carried out
  • wear a mask at all times
  • maintain 2m social distancing at all times
  • no document handling on site – all required documents must be uploaded to the AlphaOne portal
  • site register is up to date and able to be filled in by the inspector.

For more information we have put together a summary of services we can provide to you at each COVID-19 alert level.