Inspections need to be booked in advance. To save delays and disappointment you (or your builder) are responsible for

  • booking an inspection 2 working days before you need it
  • ensuring all work for inspection is ready by 7.30am on the day of your inspection
  • ensuring there are no outstanding resource consents, amendments or blocks on your project
  • ensuring all required documents related to your inspection are uploaded to the Required Documents area [PDF, 189 KB] of the AlphaOne portal the day before the inspection.

Note at this time we do not have virtual inspection capabilities. We will let you know when this changes.

Where a new booking is needed due to incomplete work this will be charged out as an additional inspection.

We can’t book or carry out an inspection if your project requires a resource consent which has not been granted; even if your building consent has been granted.

How to book

Building inspections can be booked through the

  • AlphaOne Builders App, or
  • Customer Services on 0800 SELWYN (735 996).

Please don’t contact the building inspector directly – they can’t take bookings.

AlphaOne Builders App

You can download this app through either Google Play or Apple App store.

This phone app is a quick and handy way to book your own inspections. For details on how to use the app see our guide [PDF, 170 KB].

If you don't have access to a project that you’re working on, register for a login and call the Building Advisory team to get access to the job.

To move or cancel an inspection you’ll need to contact the Building Advisory team.

Information needed to book

You’ll need to provide the following information to make a booking

  • site address
  • building consent number
  • name & phone number of contact person on site
  • date the inspection is required
  • type of inspection – ie plumbing, drainage, foundation, pre-pour, preline, etc
  • licensed building practitioner (LBP) details for restricted building work
  • where the inspection is for a new transportable building, please tell us if the inspection needs to be in your yard or onsite.

Order of inspections

We understand that sometimes inspections don’t always go in the order expected for any number of reasons.

To help keep things moving for you and avoid issues with booking inspections out of order, we will book what you ask for, even if it is slightly out of sequence.

You are however responsible for ensuring

  • that you are ready for the inspection that you have booked by 7.30am on the day of the inspection
  • inspections are still booked in the appropriate sequence for your build
  • that no inspections are missed If the inspector gets to site and an inspection has been missed then your project will likely be put on hold, with no further inspections able to be booked until resolved.

Inspections on stop

There are times when your building project may be on stop, and no inspections can be booked. This may be due to

  • an amendment has been received that is currently being processed – meaning that no further inspections will be carried out until the amendment has been granted
  • we’re awaiting construction monitoring site notices from an engineer – this will need to be provided to provide assurance that the work has been completed as identified and monitored by an engineer
  • building work isn’t according to the building consent – unless the inspector has agreed to allow further work under conditions, the work identified will need to be fixed before any further inspections can be booked, and where not remedied this may lead to a notice to fix.