To help make decisions on compliance, we sometimes have to rely on documentation from industry professionals and experts.

Producer statements/site notices

Where other professionals are carrying out construction monitoring, they need to provide copies of their site notices and any producer statements issued in support of the completed works as detailed in the approved building consent documentation.

Construction templates

The below templates can be used by trades to support their code compliance documentation on completion of building work.

Records of work

Licensed building practitioners (LBPs) must provide a record of work (ROW) for any restricted building work that they have carried out on your project. It is a record of who carried out or supervised the restricted building work that has been completed, and stays on the building record for the life of the building.

A copy of the record of work needs to be provided to both you as the owner, and us. You may need several records of work from different LBP’s (eg carpentry, roofing, bricklaying, etc).