Building a Fence?

If you have just purchased a section, or you are a developer thinking about comprehensive design, or a builder who has been asked to establish a fence in the Living Z or Lowes Road ODP area, there is some information that you need to know:

In Living Z areas and in the Lowes Road ODP area in Rolleston, specific fencing rules are in place affecting the sides of properties facing either road or reserve boundaries.

These rules allow for individual style of fencing, depending on location and the intended purpose within certain parameters that affect the height and way fences are built, as stated in the District Plan.

A short, sharp, Fencing Pamphlet [PDF, 237 KB] has been developed to help explain existing fencing rules in Selwyn to people considering building or adding fences.

For information on your neighbours and the Fencing Act, see Central Government's website specifically Fences and Boundaries

For further information please refer to the Duty Planner on 347 2868 or email