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A designation is a provision in a district plan for a public work or project. Only a requiring authority can give notice of a requirement of a designation.

A requiring authority is:

  • Minister of the Crown
  • A local authority
  • A network utility operator* can be approved as a requiring authority by the Minister for the Environment.

*A network utility operator is an organisation that conducts activities that, in Selwyn, would include power transmission, electricity and water distribution, telecommunications network, construction of roads and railway lines.

Notice of Requirement

A Notice of Requirement for a new designation must be publicly notified for submissions.

List of Designations

A list of Council and other requiring authorities designations, in the Selwyn District, can be found in Appendix 2 of the District Plan Township Volume and  Rural Volume.

Privately Owned Land

A requiring authority may notify a requirement over land that it does not own.
The designation has immediate restrictive effect on that land and what can be undertaken on it by any other person.
Prior written consent from the requiring authority is needed for any land use activity or subdivision that could prevent or hinder the designation's purpose.
Once a designation is confirmed it overrides the restrictions of the district plan on undertaking the work.

Further Help and Information

If you have questions about a designation please contact the Duty Planner on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email

Pines Waste Water Treatment Plant, Orion, Rolleston Recycling Centre and Ministry of Education were made operative on 7 March 2011