Latest Update

Minister of Education’s decision on Council’s Recommendation on the Notice of Requirement lodged pursuant to Section 168(1) of the Resource Management Act 1991 (‘the Act’).  This decision was received by the Council on the 5th of March 2018. The Minister has accepted in full the Council’s recommendation.  Councils recommendation is outlined and discussed in the Report Below.

Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 375 KB]
Decision Public Notice [PDF, 407 KB]

6 April 2018

The Council accepted this decision and no appeals were received from submitters or the land owners, and as such, the Designation is now operative.
The District Plan will be updated to reflect this and the process will be completed.

The Application

Form 18 [PDF, 424 KB]
Application [PDF, 2043 KB]
Appendix A Computer Freehold Register [PDF, 3366 KB]
Appendix B Objectives and Policies in the CRPS [PDF, 155 KB]
Appendix C Objectives and Policies in the SDP [PDF, 116 KB]
Appendix D Transport Assessment - Carriageway Consulting [PDF, 2351 KB]
Appendix E DSI Fraser Thomas [PDF, 10318 KB]
Appendix F Infrastructure Assessment [PDF, 1832 KB]
Public Notice NoR Lincoln South Primary [PDF, 18 KB]