The Selwyn District Council have applied to extend the designation for the Kirwee Recreation Reserve to
provide additional recreational facilities which are necessary to meet the demands of the Kirwee and Selwyn communities.

8 July 2020 - Notice of Requirement Decision

Council resolved at its meeting held on 24 June 2020 to accept the Commissioner's recommendation on Notice of Requirement D190064 as its formal decision. Council's decision to accept the request with notification, has been publicly notified, which provides an opportunity for submitters on D190064 to lodge an appeal.

Public Notice Council Decision [PDF, 23 KB]
Notice of  Requirement Decision [PDF, 134 KB]

26 February 2020- Update 

Submissions Closed

Public submissions on Notice of Requirement D190064 closed at 5pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

1 submission was received in relation to D190064 and can be viewed below.

01 Fire and Emergency New Zealand [PDF, 131 KB]

28 January 2020 - Public Notification 

Updated Application and Appendices [PDF, 13017 KB]
Public Notice [PDF, 28 KB]


PDF Submission Form 21 [PDF, 83 KB]
Online Submission Form 21

27 November 2019 - Request for further information 

The application has been reviewed and a request for further information was issued. A response was received:

Further information material collated [PDF, 1269 KB]

25 October 2019 - Application  

The Notice for Requirement request consists of the following documents:
Application for Notice of Requirement -single file [PDF, 21087 KB]

Application broken into component parts:
Form18 [PDF, 440 KB]
Application [PDF, 1553 KB]
Appendix A Location and Existing Designation [PDF, 407 KB]
Appendix B Computer Freehold Register [PDF, 179 KB]
Appendix C Proposed Master Plan [PDF, 9811 KB]
Appendix D Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 7201 KB]
Appendix E Integrated Transport Assessment [PDF, 768 KB]
Appendix F Noise Assessment [PDF, 1478 KB]
Appendix G Lighting Assessment [PDF, 568 KB]
Appendix H CPTED Assessment [PDF, 246 KB]
Appendix I Consultation Letter and Identified Properties [PDF, 1140 KB]
Appendix J Consultation Feedback [PDF, 216 KB]


For further information contact the duty planner on phone 0800 SELWYN (735 996)  or email