The Selwyn District Council has applied to designate 27 Hamptons Road, Prebbleton for recreation reserve purposes to provide additional land to meet the increased demand for recreational and community activities.

Update 11 March 2021

The Environment Court has confirmed no appeals were received on D200088, Prebbleton Reserve. This Designation will become operative on 11 March 2021.

Update 16 February 2021

At its first meeting for 2021, Under section 168A(4) of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Selwyn District Council has made a decision to confirm the Notice of Requirement D200088, Prebbleton Reserve.

The decision is to designate approximately 22ha of land at 27 Hamptons Road, Prebbleton, to be developed as a New Prebbleton Reserve for Recreation Reserve Purposes. Please find attached a copy of the Council report and Commissioners Recommendation.

Rights of Appeal on this decision are outlined in Section 174 of the Act but are only available to the Council and persons who made a submission.  Appeals must be lodged with the Environment Court within 15 working days of this notice of decision. If there are no appeals, the Operative District ePlan and Planning Maps will be updated with the relevant details to enable works to proceed in relation to the New Prebbleton Reserve.

Any questions on the process or the decision can be directed to Jessica Tuilaepa at the Selwyn District Council on (03) 347 2800.

Council Agenda for meeting 10 February 2021 -  Council Decision Report at pages 87-111

Update 12 October 2020

The hearing was closed on 6 October 2020, Council are awaiting the Commissioners recommendation.

Update 6 October 2020

Council has received a letter from a submitter to be tabled at the hearing:

Jacqui Rademaker written statement [PDF, 68 KB]

Please note the hearing will be held over one day only on 6 October 2020.

Update 30 September 2020

Council has received a letter from a submitter to be tabled at the hearing:

Eddie Clark - Fuseon Graphics NZ Limited letter [PDF, 91 KB]

Update 29 September 2020

Expert evidence from a submitter is now available for viewing:

Stewart Fletcher -Planning for Grant and Jeannette Drinnan [PDF, 76 KB]

Update 22 September 2020

The Applicant’s expert evidence is now available for viewing.

Evidence of Fiona Small – Planning [PDF, 9915 KB]
Evidence of William Reeve – Noise [PDF, 142 KB]
Evidence of Lisa Williams – Transport [PDF, 111 KB]
Evidence of Phillip Millar – Applicant [PDF, 196 KB]

Update 14 September 2020

The following Officer's S42A report has been prepared and circulated to submitters and the Commissioner for consideration at the hearing.

Officer's s42A report  [PDF, 616 KB]

Update 9 September 2020

A Commissioner has been appointed and a hearing is to be held at Tai Tapu Community Centre, 722 Old Tai Tapu Road, Tai Tapu commencing at 9am on Tuesday 6 October 2020 (with Wednesday 7 October 2020 as a standby date), to consider the application.

Notice of Hearing [PDF, 22 KB]

The Officer's report is currently being prepared and will be available to view on 15 September 2020.

Update 15 September 2020

Submissions Closed

Public submissions on Notice of Requirement D200088 closed at 5pm on Wednesday 29 July 2020.

15 submissions were received in relation to D200088 and can be viewed below:

01 Transpower [PDF, 498 KB]
02 S. & F. Sheaf [PDF, 231 KB]
03 Zilch part one [PDF, 718 KB] / Zilch part two [PDF, 705 KB]
04 C. Swift [PDF, 13 KB]
05 G. & M. Drinnan [PDF, 317 KB]
06 Canterbury Fistball Association [PDF, 15 KB]
07 Christchurch to Little River Railtrail Trust [PDF, 13 KB]
08 KNOT Family Trust [PDF, 13 KB]
09 J. & J. Rademaker [PDF, 930 KB]
10 N. Johnston [PDF, 14 KB]
11 H. & T. Fraser [PDF, 129 KB]
12 Fuseon Graphics NZ Limited [PDF, 86 KB]
13 Prebbleton Football Club [PDF, 130 KB]
14 K. and E. Dixon [PDF, 464 KB]
15 A. & B. George and E. & B. Jeffs [PDF, 795 KB]

Submissions have been summarised [PDF, 88 KB], Selwyn District Council (the Applicant) has considered matters raised by submitters and have provided the responses below:

Letter - Proposed changes post submissions (the Applicant Selwyn District Council) [PDF, 148 KB]
Memorandum - updated noise levels (Acoustic Engineering Services) [PDF, 761 KB]
Prebbleton Recreation Reserve updated Masterplan [PDF, 3995 KB]

The next step is for a hearing to be scheduled and Commissioner appointed. Further information will be posted once details confirmed.

Update 1 July 2020 -Public Notification 

Public Notice [PDF, 28 KB]

Submission Forms

PDF Submission Form 21  [PDF, 85 KB]
Online Submission Form 21

Application - 19 May 2020

The Notice for Requirement request consists of the following documents:
Application for Notice of Requirement -single file [PDF, 26412 KB]

Application broken into component parts:
Form18  [PDF, 147 KB]
Application [PDF, 1044 KB]
Appendix A Computer Freehold Register  [PDF, 165 KB]
Appendix B Consent Notice  [PDF, 60 KB]
Appendix C Detailed Site Investigation [PDF, 1303 KB]
Appendix D Ecological Report [PDF, 1657 KB]
Appendix E Proposed Master Plan [PDF, 4198 KB]
Appendix F CPTED Assessment [PDF, 3727 KB]
Appendix G Site Options Report [PDF, 2615 KB]
Appendix H Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) [PDF, 1358 KB]
Appendix I Noise Assessment [PDF, 894 KB]
Appendix J Key Stakeholders Feedback [PDF, 383 KB]
Appendix K Handout and Community Feedback [PDF, 3825 KB]

Abley Peer review of the applicant’s ITA [PDF, 627 KB]
Applicant addendum letter [PDF, 220 KB]


For further information contact the team on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email