The Minister of Education has applied to designate 700 Selwyn Road, West Village, Faringdon, Rolleston for educational purposes to enable the establishment of educational facilities that principally cater for secondary school students from Year 9 to Year 13, along with a primary school, early childhood education centre and specialist Hangarau teaching hub/space. These facilities are required to meet the future educational needs of students in a high growth area, and are considered necessary to achieve the key objective of the Minister, which is to provide state schooling and education facilities in a manner that meets the purpose of the Education and Training Act 2020.

Update 17 June 2022

Further information has been requested in order to better understand the application.

Council request for further information 17 June 2022 [PDF, 340 KB]
Proposed Springston Rolleston & Selwyn Roads intersection upgrade [PDF, 4744 KB]

Application - 10 June 2022

The Notice for Requirement request consists of the following documents:
Application for Notice of Requirement [PDF, 3343 KB]

Application broken into component parts:
Form 18 [PDF, 585 KB]
Appendix A - Designation Plan [PDF, 2999 KB]
Appendix B - Record of Title [PDF, 277 KB]
Appendix C - Contamination and Geotechnical Memorandum [PDF, 1160 KB]
Appendix D -  FTCA West Village Decision RC215539 and RC215540 [PDF, 5644 KB]
Appendix E - Infrastructure Memorandum [PDF, 1494 KB]
Appendix F - Integrated Transport Assessment [PDF, 7167 KB]
Appendix G - Written Approvals [PDF, 439 KB]


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