A list of the fees that are charged for planning activities

Schedule of Chargeable Costs

These fees are subject to annual review and are set in the Council's Annual Budget. See Schedule of charges for Environmental Services in the Selwyn District Council Long-Term Plan 2018-2028

Schedule of Chargeable Costs [PDF, 183 KB]


  • All fees are fixed fees, unless stated as deposits and charged at time and cost.
  • All fees are inclusive of GST (unless otherwise stated).
  • The Resource Management Act 1991 is referred to as the RMA.
  • The District Plan is referred to as the DP.
  • If any charge for an application is not paid by the due date, then Selwyn District Council reserves the right under s36(7) of the Resource Management Act to stop processing the application. This may include the cancellation of a hearing or the issuing of a decision.
    • If a hearing is cancelled or postponed due to the non-payment of a charge, the applicant will be charged for any costs that may arise from that cancellation or postponement.

Hearing -

*2 Councillors and External Commissioner acting as Chairperson per hour per panel

plus Commissioner per hour


  1. If the processing of your s.223 & s.224 exceeds $260 you will be charged at time and cost. Please discuss at time of application.
  2. These fixed fees only apply when there are no affected parties or written approval has been obtained from all affected parties.
  3. Fast Track will apply to applications for non-compliances for internal setbacks rules, temporary non-compliance with the residential density requirements in the rural zone and Site Coverage in townships with restricted discretionary status only and will require an application completed to the satisfaction of the Team Leader for resource consents including all neighbours’ consents that the Council deems be required.
  4. If the actual cost of processing the resource consent is more than $50 greater or less than the deposit amount, the Council will refund the additional fees paid, or invoice the outstanding amount.
  5. Grade 1 outline plan = approval plans for accessory buildings or structures or relocation buildings within the site, provided that the bulk and location of the building complies with the District Plan rules for a permitted activity.
  6. Grade 2 outline plan = all other outline plans.
  7. Outline Plan waiver fee - waivers are for small inconsequential building works such as internal alterations to buildings etc.
  8. If the processing of your Designation exceeds $255, you will be charged at time and cost. Please discuss at time of application.
  9. Landscape Plan – general = landscape plans where landscaping is required as a condition of consent, but no specific species or design requirements are specified in the District Plan.
  10. Landscape Plan – specific = landscape plans where specific species or designs may or may not be used in accordance with the provisions of the District Plan.