Why do we need to improve the Rolleston Town Centre?

Town centres are where people and local businesses meet.

A good town centre is not just a shopping centre but also includes:

Business activities coordinated with Community, Civic, Recreational and Entertainment facilities.

Rolleston Town Centre Now

The current town centre is dominated by large format retail and carparking with poor connections between them.

The centre does not have an identifiable heart* and is not considered a key destination where people want to come.

Improvements to the town provide the opportunity to:

  • Introduce a greater range of activities to enhance the existing retail and community facilities within the town centre;
  • Ensure good access and linkages both within the centre and to the wider town;
  • Develop a more pedestrian-friendly centre with a focal point for community gathering;
  • Make it distinctive from other towns in the District and a desirable place to visit.

*Information gathered from the Community during the Structure Plan consultation.