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The updates to the Operative District Plan are easily identified in date order. These are contained in the online version of the Operative District Plan.

Operative District Plan Updates

Update Operative Date


Designation ME1805/04/2023Amendment to the boundaries of Designation ME18 – Burnham School (D230001)
Designation MP3 5/4/2023Partial removal of Designation MP3 – Leeston Police Station and Residence (D230002)
Designation ME3112/02/23New designation for Rolleston Secondary School (D220002)
Designation ME1123/11/2022Amend designation conditions for Clearview Primary School relating to building bulk and location (Ref D220003)
Designation ME2623/11/2022

Amend designation conditions for Rolleston High School relating to building bulk and location (Ref D220004)

Designation ME2723/11/2022Amend designation conditions for Rolleston West Primary School relating to building bulk and location (D220005)
Designation ME2823/11/2022Amend designation conditions for Lemonwood Grove School relating to parking (D220007)
Designation ME3023/11/2022Amend designation conditions for Acland Park Primary School relating to parking, and updating the site identifier to “Te Rōhutu Whio” (D220006)
PC6803/11/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 67 hectares of current rural land in Prebbleton to residential land.
PC7807/09/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 63 hectares of current rural land in Rolleston to residential land.
PC7607/09/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 13 hectares of current rural land in Rolleston to residential land.
PC7507/09/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 24 hectares of current rural land in Rolleston to residential land.
PC6718/05/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 33 hectares of current rural land in West Melton to residential land.
Designation TR112/04/2022State Highway 73 designation alteration (D210004)
Designation D41207/04/2022Pines Resource Recovery Park designation alteration (D210007)
Designation D42407/04/2022Designate land for Water Treatment and Reservoir Facility, Prebbleton (D210003)
Designation OR1207/04/2022Zone Electricity Substation 
Designation TP507/04/2022National Grid Electricity Electricity Substation, including associated 220kV transmission line connection and ancillary works
PC6217/02/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 60 hectares of current deferred residential and rural land in Leeston to residential land.
PC6611/02/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 27 hectares of rural land to industrial zone , Rolleston.
PC6311/02/2022Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 60 hectares from Rural Outer Plains to Living 1 (14.6 ha.) and Living 1 Deferred (46 ha.) on the North Eastern side of Darfield along Kimberley Road.
PC6120/10/2021Plan change-rezone approx 30 hectares of current rural land to residential and industrial land, Darfield.
PC5917/06/2021Plan change - rezone Living 2 and Living 2A zoned land in West Melton to a new zone called 'Living WM South'.
Designation D42312/05/2021Designate site as Water Treatment Facility, Springfield (D210002)
Designation D42214/04/2021Designate site as a Water Treatment Facility, Kirwee (D210001)
Designation D42111/03/2021Designate land for Recreation Reserve purposes, Prebbleton (D200088)
PC6020/01/2021Plan change - rezone approx17.9 hectares of land from Living 2A to Living 1, Kirwee
Removal of Minimum Car Parking Numbers16/12/2020Direction from National Policy Statement Urban Development 2020
Designation D42014/10/2020Water Treatment Facility, 106 Bangor road (D200208)
Designation ME1423/09/2020Partial removal of Designation ME14 – Springston Primary School (D200209)
Designation ME3010/08/2020Acland Park Primary School (D190063)
Designation TR713/03/2023Amend designation conditions for Rakaia Commercial Vehicle Safety Centre (D220001)
Designation TR710/08/2020NZTA Weigh Station - State Highway 1 and North Rakaia Road, Rakaia (D190066)
Designation D19010/08/2020Extend  designation for the Kirwee Recreation Reserve (D190064)
Designation MCHI113/05/2020Oranga Tamariki–Ministry for Children alteration (D200068)
Designation MCHI113/03/2019Identify the Minister for Children as the requiring authority for the designation (D190060)

Designation D412


Pines Resource Recovery Park designation alteration (D180058)

Designation D419


Terminal wastewater pump station, Springs Road Prebbleton (D180057)

Designation D96
13/06/2018Removal of Designation D96 - Water Supply Purposes

Designation CPW


Central Plains Water designation alteration (D180055)

Designation ME29


Lincoln South Primary School (Ararira Springs Primary - Te Puna o Ararira)  (D170052)

Designation D417


Rolleston Recreation Precinct (Foster Park) designation alteration (D170053)

PC 50 16/08/2017 Fonterra Dairy Processing Management area
PC 48 16/08/2017 (Living 2) zone corner of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road

Designation TP4


To remove part of the designation at the Hororata substation (D170050)

Designation CPW


Partial removal of the Central Plains Water Enhancement  Scheme (CPWES) designation across multiple properties/sites (D170051)

PC 47 9/12/2016 (Living 3) zone Shands Road

Designation ME28


Lemonwood Grove School designation alteration (D160049)

Designation D418


To designate the Helpet Wastewater Treatment Plant for as a  pump station for intermittent operational storage facility and potable water supply (D160048)

Minor Corrections [PDF, 2908 KB] 17/05/2016 Appendix E02 - Rural and Township Volumes
PC 46 [PDF, 2337 KB] 13/05/2016 Bangor Road, Darfield

Designation ME21


To remove the District Plan designation for Greenpark School (D160047)

Designation [PDF, 2921 KB] 23/04/2016 Chorus and Spark Designations
LURP April 2016 [PDF, 15861 KB] 13/04/2016 Land Use Recovery Plan Action 27

Designation ME10


Rolleston School designation alteration

Designation ME28


Lemonwood Grove School

PC 44 [PDF, 1111 KB] 11/11/2015 Rural Residential (Living 3) Zone, Rolleston
PC 34 [PDF, 1263 KB] 23/06/2015 High Street, Southbridge
PC 43 [PDF, 9816 KB] 12/06/2015 Synlait Expansion
LURP [PDF, 201 KB] 13/12/2014  LURP Action 18 (viii) Rural Residential Strategy
PC 36 11/11/2014 Conifer Grove subdivision
PC 41 11/11/2014 Shands and Trents Roads subdivision, Prebbleton
PC 42 04/08/2015 Temporary Activities
Designation [PDF, 346 KB] 02/07/2014 Rolleston West Primary School Designation
Designation [PDF, 6569 KB] 12/02/2014 CSM2 and CPW Designation
LURP Dec 2013 [PDF, 4371 KB] 
LURP Jan 2014 [PDF, 223 KB]
06/12/2013 Land Use Recovery Plan
PC 24 [PDF, 5282 KB] 24/06/2013 Silverstream Estate, Darfield
PC 12 [PDF, 4549 KB] 29/04/2013 Integrated Land Transport Management Plan
Minor Amendments [PDF, 892 KB] 01/03/2013 Minor Amendments
PC 30 [PDF, 3192 KB] 12/12/2012 West Melton ODP
PC 25 [PDF, 3192 KB] 05/12/2012 Porters Ski Area Sub Zone
PC 12  [PDF, 4549 KB] 23/10/2012 Integrated Land Transport Management Plan, PC 7 - Resolution of Rolleston Square Appeal
Chapter D/A [PDF, 1467 KB] 26/09/2012 Canterbury Earthquake Recovery - S27 Notice, Workers Temp Accommodation
PC 7 [PDF, 4549 KB] 19/09/2012 Living Z and Business Zone, Lincoln
Minor Corrections [PDF, 82 KB] 30/08/2012 Living Zone Part C4
Maps [PDF, 5437 KB] 29/08/2012 Minor Corrections
PC 29 [PDF, 1370 KB] 25/07/2012 Design of Development in Business 1 zones -  Partially Operative and Minor Amendments
PC 26 [PDF, 3461 KB] 24/04/2012 Rakaia Huts Wahi Taonga Management and Sites
PC 8 & 9 [PDF, 1994 KB] 05/03/2012 Rural Residential (Living 3 zone), Rolleston and Additional Provisions relating to PC7
PC 7 [PDF, 5397 KB] 30/01/2012 Urban Development Areas for Lincoln and Rolleston
Minor Corrections [PDF, 94 KB] 10/11/2011 C9 Activities Correction of transposing error
Deferrals [PDF, 4870 KB] 10/08/2011 Prebbleton and Lincoln Urban Development
Minor Amendments [PDF, 282 KB] 05/05/2011 Orion Substation OR11 - Section Title Change & sundry clause 16 amendments
PC 23 [PDF, 5654 KB] 23/04/2011 Airport Noise Contours
PC 18 [PDF, 1813 KB] 16/03/2011 Protected Trees
NOR [PDF, 3774 KB] 07/03/2011 Notice of Requirement - The Pines WWTP, Orion, Recycling Centre, MOE
PC 3 [PDF, 1441 KB] 19/02/2011 Living (West Melton) Zone
Minor Amendments [PDF, 646 KB] 17/12/2010  
PC 2 & 6 [PDF, 1835 KB] 06/12/2010 PC 2 Living 1A6 zone Prebbleton and PC6 Lower Port Hills and Summit Road Protection Areas
PC 10 [PDF, 3803 KB] 01/09/2010 Izone Business 2A Zone
PC 11 [PDF, 1256 KB] 08/07/2010 Living 1B zone Outline Development Plan
PC 4 [PDF, 3398 KB] 08/03/2010 Living 1 zone Lincoln and Variation 30 - Financial Contributions
PC 13 [PDF, 1408 KB] 27/10/2009 Miscellaneous Changes and Corrections to the District Plan
PC 5 [PDF, 5960 KB] 22/06/2009 & 27/05/2009 Izone Industrial Park & Variation 29 - Rural Activity Definition and Scale of Activity Rules

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