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Operative as of 16 March 2011

Operative as of 16 March 2011

The District Plan contains a limited number of provisions which deal with the protection of identified heritage trees. It is intended that the amended tree provisions will assist to ensure that protected trees remain in good condition in the long term, by encouraging good tree management practices and preventing them being lost due to indiscriminate removal or damage.

Reasons for the Plan Change

The Council has acknowledged the need to deal with a number of the tree protection provisions which have been identified as needing to be improved. The intent of this plan change is to address the areas needing improvement with the particular intention of ensuring consistency between the tree protection provisions in the two volumes of the Plan.

This process will assist in the interpretation of rules for the public and in the clear and consistent administration of the Plan by Council staff.

Opportunity has also been provided through this process to include additional trees with significant values. A plan change is required to make the necessary amendments to the protected tree provisions.

To discuss this plan change, please contact the Duty Planner on (03) 347-2868 or email