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Operative as of 1 September 2010

Operative as of 1 September 2010

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Summary of Submissions [PDF, 88 KB]
Further Submissions Form 6 [PDF, 18 KB]
Officer's Report (S42) with Appendices in a list
Public Notice for Appeals [PDF, 103 KB]
Commissioner's Decision [PDF, 173 KB]
List of Plan Change 10 Documents

The Purpose

Plan Change 10 introduced a new Business 2A zoning over the existing Izone Industrial Park, as well as rezoning some 49ha of additional Rural (Outer Plains) zoned land adjoining Railway Road to Business 2A.

The Reason

Given the success of Izone, some 49 ha of additional land adjoining the Business Park was required to be rezoned for business purposes. The other land (approximately 141 ha) subject to the rezoning was currently zoned Business 2 (the existing Izone Industrial Park).

Several changes to the District Plan were considered appropriate which address Izone in its entirety, including that land rezoned by Plan Change 5, and to endorse the use of a single Outline Development Plan (ODP).

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