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Operative as of 8 July 2010

Operative as of 8 July 2010

Brief Background

On 24 June 2009, Selwyn District Council resolved to notify Plan Change 11 to the District Plan, to manage the development of the Living 1B deferred zone in an orderly fashion. Submissions closed on 4 August 2009 and a summary of submissions was prepared. Because of the size of the PDF files, the submissions have been broken up into four parts.

Diagrams [PDF, 967 KB]
Submissions and Recommendations [PDF, 35 KB]
Proposed Plan Change 11 [PDF, 793 KB]
Proposed Development Contribution [PDF, 1638 KB]
Transport Engineer's Evidence [PDF, 1560 KB]
Road Safety Co-ordinator's Report [PDF, 67 KB]
Good Solutions Guide for Subdivision [PDF, 2325 KB]
Summary of Consultation [PDF, 1561 KB]
Historical Documents on Living 1B

All PC11 Documentation

Summary of Submissions [PDF, 885 KB]
Submissions Part 1 [PDF, 3736 KB]
Submissions Part 2 [PDF, 1612 KB]
Submissions Part 3 [PDF, 3058 KB]
Submissions Part 4 [PDF, 1334 KB]


The L1B deferred zone was that part of Rolleston within the red line in the diagram, located around Lowes Road and Brookside Road.

In January 2010, the deferral was lifted and subdivision will be permitted at a density similar to surrounding areas like Frame Crescent.

What was the purpose of the Plan Change?

The plan change manages the way that the area develops by making sure that roads, reserves and walkway/cycleways are provided as subdivision takes place.

It rezoned the area between Lowes Road and Brookside Road as Living 1, with a 750m2 average section size.

It also introduced low density special character areas (Living 1C Zone) around Fairhurst Place and Waterbridge Way.

Why Change the Plan?

The Plan Change was designed to ensure that the area is pleasant and accessible when it is developed and that some of the established character is retained.

What Will the Plan Change do?

It makes the following changes to the District Plan: Zoning

  • The area shaded yellow is rezoned to L1 zone (residential 750m2 density)
  • The areas shaded blue are rezoned to L1C zone (low density, 2000m2 average)
  • The rest of the area remains at L1B density (1,200m2 average)

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