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Airport Noise Contours [PDF 156.2 KB]   
Airport Noise Contours Comparison [PDF 274.8 KB]   
Commissioners Recommendation [PDF 453.8 KB]   
Council Report [PDF 74.1 KB]   
Map013 [PDF 3.0 MB]   
Map014 [PDF 2.4 MB]   
Map018 [PDF 3.0 MB]   
Map098 [PDF 1.6 MB]   
Map101 [PDF 1.7 MB]   
Map104 [PDF 1.4 MB]   
Map106 [PDF 1.7 MB]   
Map107 [PDF 1.2 MB]   
Map108 [PDF 1.1 MB]   
Map135 [PDF 2.3 MB]   
PC 23 Public Notice [PDF 76.2 KB]   
Public Notice [PDF 84.2 KB]   
Public Notice PC23 Operative [PDF 28.7 KB]   
Public Notice PC7 and PC23 [PDF 84.9 KB]   
s42a Report [PDF 110.0 KB]   
Summary of Submissions [PDF 47.0 KB]