Operative as of 23 June 2015

Operative as of 23 June 2015

Private Plan Change 34 (PC 34) proposes to change the Selwyn District Plan (Rural and Township Maps and Plan Text) to rezone 5.93ha of existing Rural (Outer Plains) land to Living 1 to facilitate the residential subdivision and development of the site. The subject land is located at 134 High Street (Lots 1-15, 50-62 and 88-89 DP 825) and is located at the south western edge of Southbridge bounded by High Street, Brook Street and Bellfield/Robinson Street (unformed).

The Council have accepted the Commissioner's Recommendation to approve, with amendments, Plan Change 34.

Decision Public Notice [PDF, 36 KB]
The Decision [PDF, 313 KB]
Notice of Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 36 KB]

S42A Planner's Report [PDF, 500 KB]
Attachment A: Summary of Submissions [PDF, 55 KB]
Attachment B: Officer Recommendations [PDF, 97 KB]
Attachment C: Infrastructure Report [PDF, 4226 KB]
Attachment D: Environmental Health [PDF, 156 KB]
Attachment E: Urban Design [PDF, 660 KB]
Attachment F: Transportation Comments [PDF, 42 KB]
Attachment G: Geotech [PDF, 38 KB]
Attachment H: Sewer Connections [PDF, 228 KB]
Attachment I: Land Use Capability [PDF, 425 KB]
Attachment J: Proposed and Recommended Provisions [PDF, 23 KB]
Attachment Ki:Comments on Explosive Storage [PDF, 1372 KB]
Attachment Kii: Explosive Storage Location [JPG, 120 KB]
Attachment Kiii: HSNO Certificate [PDF, 403 KB]
Public Notice for Further Submissions [PDF, 43 KB]

Summary of Submissions [PDF, 36 KB]

All Submissions [PDF, 2094 KB]
(combined into one document)
C and M Allen [PDF, 56 KB]
New Zealand Fire Service [PDF, 1165 KB]
Southbridge Advisory Committee [PDF, 1625 KB]
M and N Wellby [PDF, 437 KB]
S Collie [PDF, 529 KB]
McMillan Drilling Ltd [PDF, 312 KB]
J and L Summers [PDF, 352 KB]
Application [PDF, 7229 KB]
Geotech Assessment [PDF, 5351 KB]
Outline Development Plan [PDF, 69 KB]

If you have any questions, please contact the Duty Planner on phone 03 347-2868 or email planninginfo@selwyn.govt.nz