Operative as of 12 June 2015

Operative as of 12 June 2015

The Council have accepted the Commissioner's Recommendation to approve, with amendments, Plan Change 36 (Connifer Grove Ltd).

Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 456 KB]
Notice of Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 37 KB]
Officer's recommendations on submissions, and summary of Living 3 rule framework [PDF, 500 KB]
Landscape and Visual Assessment [PDF, 540 KB]
Infrastructure and stormwater assessment [PDF, 143 KB]
Transport Assessment [PDF, 33 KB]
LURP Action 18 proposed text and Appendix 43 [PDF, 1454 KB]
Summary of submissions [PDF, 23 KB]
Report to Council [PDF, 14 KB]


We have received a private plan change request from Conifer Grove Trustees Limited (PC36) to rezone 12.4ha. The site is located on the southern boundary of Prebbleton and is bound by Trices, Birchs and Hamptons Road.

The plan change application requests that the land is rezoned from Rural Inner Plains to Living 3, to enable the future subdivision and development of approximately 17 sections that range in size from between 0.5 to 1 ha.

Application Documents

Application [PDF, 6613 KB]
Site Plan [PDF, 1325 KB]
Outline Development Plan [PDF, 2365 KB]
Engineering Report [PDF, 7815 KB]
Integrated Transport [PDF, 2910 KB]
Contamination Report [PDF, 4107 KB]
Geotech Peer Review [PDF, 36 KB]
Transport Peer Review [PDF, 331 KB]
Contaminated Land Peer Review [PDF, 759 KB]

If you have any questions, please contact Craig Friedel on Ph (03) 3472827 or email planninginfo@selwyn.govt.nz