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Operative as of 8 March 2010

Operative as of 8 March 2010

Rezoning from Rural (Outer Plains) to Living 1 (Deferred) zone.

Plan Change 4 to the Selwyn District Plan (Township Volume) rezoned approximately 28 hectares of existing rural land (Outer Plains) to a deferred Living 1 Zone.

The deferral remains in place until there is adequate capacity in a Selwyn District Council operated reticulated sewage treatment facility to service the land for residential development.

The area rezoned is located to the south of Edward Street Lincoln, adjacent to an existing Living 1 Zone (Lincolndale), with the LII River forming the area's eastern boundary. The key changes made to the District Plan by Plan Change 4 include:

  • A minimum density of 10.5 lots per hectare;

  • 3.48 hectares of landscaped esplanade reserve along the LI Creek and LII River and 1.25 hectares of recreation reserve;

  • Continuation of the Lincoln-Prebbleton Rail Trail along the LII River and the proposed stormwater management area;

  • Cycle and pedestrian access from Lincoln Township along the LI Creek and through the adjoining Living 1 Zone (Lincolndale) to the east;

  • A roading layout with primary access off Edward Street and the potential to connect with future growth to the east and west.

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