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Plan Change 4, - Liffey Springs, Lincoln. Rezoning from outer planes rural to living zone 1 deferred. Summary of submissions, further submissions and reports.

Some PDF's are large and may take some time to download. Alternatively you can view a copy at the Planning Department in Rolleston.

Further Submission Form [PDF 18.4 KB]
Consultation Attachment H [PDF 594.5 KB]
Ecology Assessment Feb 08 [PDF 441.8 KB]
Public Notice [PDF 24.9 KB]
Council Decision Report [PDF 148.4 KB]
Section 32a [PDF 71.0 KB]
Certificate of Title [PDF 229.9 KB]
Section 32 Attachment A [PDF 70.9 KB]
Traffic Attachment B [PDF 1.2 MB]
Visual Attachment C [PDF 2.3 MB]
Ecology Attachment E [PDF 441.8 KB]
BR & AS Moir Submission [PDF 83.5 KB]
Summary of Submissions [PDF 92.4 KB]
Consultation 2006-2008 [PDF 624.5 KB]
Traffic Report August 08 [PDF 444.2 KB]