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Operative as of 12 June 2015

Operative as of 12 June 2015

Private Plan Change Request - Synlait Milk Ltd

The plan change provides for the rezoning of the site to a proposed new Dairy Processing Management Area (DPMA). The proposed DPMA will apply to an area of 113.4ha located on the south side of Main South Road (SH1) approximately 7km southwest of Dunsandel.

The site is generally located on the corner of Heslerton Road and SH1 and contains the existing Synlait Milk Processing Plant, established under various resource consents.

Update 7 April 2015
At its meeting on the 25 March 2015, the Council adopted the Commissioner's Recommendation on Plan Change 43 as its Decision on Plan Change 43.
Public Notice Council Decision [PDF, 69 KB]

Update 31 March 2015
Council Decision on Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 429 KB]
Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 381 KB]
Outline Development Plan - Appendix 26A [PDF, 6320 KB]

Update 24 November 2014
The Hearing Date was held on Wednesday 3 December 2014.
Officer's 42a Report [PDF, 4430 KB]

Update 3 November 2014
Amendment to Proposed Rule Change. Synlait have proposed minor amendments to Permitted Activity Standard 26.31 relating to signage as outlined in the document contained in the link below:
Revised Rule 26.31 v2 [PDF, 7 KB]

Update 10 October 2014
Further Submissions closed 12 September 2014. Hearing pending.
Summary of Submissions [PDF, 102 KB]

Update 5 July 2014
Private Plan Change 43 has been publicly notified.
Public Notice [PDF, 51 KB]

Update 27 June 2014
Plan Change 43 has been accepted by Council for notification.

Plan Change 43 Application Information:

We are in the process of reviewing the information provided to support Plan Change 43. As such, these reports may be updated prior to the Plan change request being notified.

Section 32 & Assessment of Environmental Effects [PDF, 463 KB]

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