Operative as of 11 November 2015

Operative as of 11 November 2015

We have received a private plan change request from Dreamtime Limited to rezone 20.59ha at 1535 Main South Road, Rolleston, to Living 3 to enable the future subdivision and development of approximately 36 Rural Residential Households.

Public Notice Decision [PDF, 25 KB] Published 27 October 2015

Further Submissions closed Monday 20 April 2015 at 5pm . (Public Notice) [PDF, 24 KB]
Submissions closed 20th March 2015

Publicly Notified 21st February 2015 Public Notice Application [PDF, 76 KB]

Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 13 KB]

Council's Report [PDF, 238 KB]


Summary of Submissions [PDF, 14 KB]
Lamers Submission [PDF, 761 KB]
Stevenson Submission [PDF, 809 KB]


Original Application [PDF, 434 KB]
Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 12341 KB]

PSI Peer Review [PDF, 554 KB]

Noise Assessment [PDF, 309 KB]

Landscape Assessment [PDF, 12019 KB]

Landscape Assessment Attachments [PDF, 827 KB]
Geotechnical Report [PDF, 12621 KB]

Geotech Peer Review [PDF, 33 KB]
Section 32 Assessment [PDF, 339 KB]
Servicing and Infrastructure Report [PDF, 5487 KB]

Transport Assessment [PDF, 1067 KB]

Assessment against Rural Residential Strategy [PDF, 2042 KB]

Certificate of Title [PDF, 269 KB]

Proposed ODPs and Rules [PDF, 1531 KB]

NZTA Approval [PDF, 195 KB]

Previous Correspondence [PDF, 4084 KB]

Pre-notification request for further information [PDF, 49 KB]

Amended Application [PDF, 244 KB]

If you have any questions, please contact the Duty Planner on 03 347-2868 or email planninginfo@selwyn.govt.nz