Operative as of 16 August 2017

Operative 16 August 2017

Judith Pascoe  has lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The Plan Change seeks to amend the land use zoning from Living 2A Deferred  to Living 2. The request seeks to insert an Outline Development Plan and site specific rules to facilitate the development of residential sections  with an average size of 5000sqm. The subject site is corner of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road, Darfield.

The property is approximately 13.5  hectares in size and is legally described as Lot 2 DP 56120, Lot 2 DP 391581, Lot 1 DP 56120 and Lot 1 DP 391581. The site is located on the northern side of the intersection of Creyke Road and Telegraph Road, Darfield.

Latest news 8 August 2017

A public notice was advertised on 8 August 2017 identifying that no appeals were received on PC 48 and that the provisions will become fully operative on 16 August 2017.

Public Notice of Council's decision[PDF, 66 KB]

Council resolved at its meeting held on the 14thJune 2017 to accept the Hearing Commissioner’s recommendation as its formal decision on the plan change.

Council Report [PDF, 544 KB]

An independent Commissioner considered the plan change request and made a recommendation to accept it with modifications. A hearing was held to consider submissions lodged in relation to the plan change.

Commissioner Report and Recommendation [PDF, 2285 KB]




The application [PDF, 1623 KB] [PDF, 1623 KB]
Letter of application [PDF, 329 KB] [PDF, 452 KB]
Appendix 1 Certificates of Titles [PDF, 1180 KB] [PDF, 1180 KB]
Appendix 2 Outline Development Plan and amended text  [PDF, 329 KB]
Appendix 3 Urban Design Report [PDF, 298 KB] [PDF, 298 KB]
Appendix 4 Transportation Assessment  amended [PDF, 1406 KB]
Appendix 5 Acoustic Assessment with addendum [PDF, 1443 KB]
Appendix 6 Noise Legal Covenant [PDF, 216 KB] [PDF, 216 KB]
Appendix 7 Servicing Details [PDF, 1270 KB] [PDF, 1270 KB]
Appendix 8 Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 37909 KB] [PDF, 37909 KB]
Appendix 9 Geotechnic Report [PDF, 984 KB] [PDF, 984 KB]
Addendum to Geotechnic Information [PDF, 136 KB] [PDF, 136 KB]
Appendix 10 Assessment of Objectives and Policies [PDF, 476 KB] [PDF, 476 KB]
Appendix 11 Amended Section 32 Assessment [PDF, 623 KB] [PDF, 623 KB]
Appendix 12 Response from MKT Iwi [PDF, 1230 KB] [PDF, 1230 KB]


For further information contact the planning team on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email contactus@selwyn.govt.nz