Officers Report (42a) 

in three parts due to the PDF file size:

  • Part 1 [PDF 183.0 kb] Summary, Submissions and Recommendations
  • Part 2 [PDF 109.5 kb] Appendix B, Landscape Report
  • Part 3 [PDF 2.9 mb] Proposed Plan Change 6 Shown in "Track Changes"

Submitters Evidence

D & D Chapman:

Ahuriri Farms - Peter Graham [PDF 678.8 kb]

Drinian Investments Ltd [PDF 101.4 kb]

Greg Horgan [PDF 1.6 mb]

J Smith [PDF 1.6 mb]

HJ and JR Macartney [PDF 5.0mb]

If you have any questions, please contact the Duty Planner.