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Operative as of 19 September 2012

Operative as of 19 September 2012

Three appeals were lodged on Plan Change 7.

Commissioners' Decision Adopted 15 October 2011

The Public Notice [PDF, 88 KB] advising adoption of Commissioners' Decision was notified Saturday 15 October 2011.

Plan Change 7 (PC7) rezones land identified in Proposed Change 1 (PC1) to the Regional Policy Statement and the Lincoln and Rolleston Structure Plans to provide for the future urban growth of both townships.

The main features of PC7:

  • Rezoning approximately 809 hectares of land in Lincoln and Rolleston for residential development (via the new Living Z zone)
  • Rezoning approximately 13 hectares of land in Lincoln for future industrial development
  • New District-wide and Township specific provisions within the subdivision section of the District Plan to implement the Subdivision Design Guide and the Medium Density Design Guide to support the consolidation of townships while achieving good urban design outcomes
  • The requirement to develop an Outline Development Plan (ODP) before development can occur and identifying ODP criteria that will need to be addressed within the ODP to support the implementation of the key aspects of both Structure Plans
  • Staging requirements for residential development  to meet Phase 1 (2007-2020) and Phase 2 (2021-2041) of PC1

Two independent Commissioners were appointed to hear the submissions on PC7 in May and June 2011.  Their decision, which has now been released, can be read at any of the Council’s service centres and public libraries in Darfield, Leeston, Lincoln and Rolleston or online below:

Commissioners' Decision [PDF, 2414 KB] in full with appendices
Updated Planning Maps listed individually

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